Toll-Free Verification for SMS Texting


Guidelines have recently changed within the telecommunications industry, which require a questionnaire and an image of the opt-in to be submitted by any party who wishes to utilize outbound SMS Messaging/Texting or SMS Campaign services. You will be capable of receiving inbound messages, without registering, but outbound messages may be restricted by the industry's SMS provider. The purpose of these required steps is to ensure that only recipients that requested contact from your toll free number or organization are contacted. We will do everything we can to continue providing these services, without interruption, but the standards are industry-wide and out of our hands. If outbound messages are blocked, this process will need to conclude before the services can be provided. 

As such, you will see the following message when you click on the "Campaigns" tab of the user interface: 



As indicated, you can begin the process by clicking on the "Numbers" tab. Then hover over the 3 dots to the right of any number(s), for which you wish to establish SMS campaigns, and select the "Verify Number" option:





You will then be brought to a form that will need to be filled out in its entirety. You will also see a box, at the very bottom, which requires you to upload supporting documentation.



The criteria for the supporting documentation is as follows:

  • If Website opt-in: Screenshots of web form where the client adds number and agrees to receive messaging.
  • Website Posting (Support): Where is the number advertised and where does the customer find the number to text in?
  • If a keyword or QR Code Opt-in: Where does the customer find the keyword in order to opt-in to these messages? Please provide this material (photos or screenshots) for verification.
  • If Voice/IVR opt-in: In this case please provide a screenshot record of opt-in via voice in the client's database/ CRM. (IE, a check box on their CRM saying that the customer opted in and the date)
  • 2FA/OTP: Please provide a screenshot process to receive the initial text.
  • Paper form (Customer/ Employee): please upload a photo of the form

Once you have returned the completed document and image(s), we will submit it to our carrier and they will respond, indicating whether or not we can enable the feature. The process can take several weeks. 




How Are Existing Toll-Free numbers affected?

If you currently use or intend to utilize SMS service in the future, it is recommended that you register your existing number to ensure these services are available. There is a possibility that outgoing messages will be blocked if your number is not verified by the October 1, 2022 deadline. We will do what we can to prevent this from happening, but it is ultimately out of our hands. 

The verification process begins by filling out the electronic questionnaire indicated above. Be sure to monitor your account email for our responses. Your approval status will be communicated via email.


What is Toll-Free Message Verification?

Toll-free message verification is a standard of review implemented for the telecommunications industry to limit abuse (e.g. spam messaging). The verification process is structured to greatly reduce potential message filtering for toll-free numbers as it will hopefully weed out most instances of misconduct. All major carrier networks in the US are subject to these requirements. Because is based in the US, these requirements are being applied, universally.


What is the Toll-Free Verification Process?

Once the questionnaire and supporting documentation are submitted, we will then send the request to our carrier, who will then submit to the industry's SMS provider. They will respond to us, indicating whether or not messaging services are permitted by the industry's SMS provider, and we will relay this information back to the requesting party. This process can take a number of weeks. Numbers awaiting a response will be placed in a "Pending Verification" status. SMS services may be restricted until we receive a response from our carrier indicating the number is approved and the number's status is changed to "verified."


What If I Don't Verify My Number(s)?

From October 1, 2022 on, outbound messages sent via Toll-Free numbers may be restricted. This could potentially result in messages being rejected under error code 30032 (Toll-Free Number Has Not Been Verified). In order to ensure your SMS services can continue to be provided, we recommend you register your toll-free numbers, if you utilize them.


What Happens if My Number Is Not Verified By October 1, 2022?

The verification process can take several weeks. While we are awaiting a response from our carrier, numbers will be placed in the "Pending Verification" status, where outbound messaging services will continue to be provided, unless the industry's SMS provider blocks them. Only when our carrier indicates a number is approved, will the number be verified and messaging services permitted, without any potential blocking.


How Do I Initiate the Verification Process?

The verification process will begin by by clicking on the "Numbers" tab. Then hover over the 3 dots to the right of any number(s), for which you wish to establish SMS campaigns, and select the "Register for Campaigns" option. This will bring you to a form you will need to complete.