Mass Texting/Campaigns

You have the potential to send mass texts, termed campaigns, through your number(s). New accounts will have this feature available automatically, but older accounts require a manual change. If you would like the campaigns functionality added to your account, please call us at 800-800-4321, and leave a voicemail, or email us at support@800.comWe will respond to voicemails and emails as quickly as possible. 


If you see a "Campaigns" option located in the column on the left of your account, this feature is currently available on your account. 




Guidelines have recently changed within the telecommunications industry, which require a questionnaire and an image of the opt-in to be submitted by any party who wishes to utilize SMS Messaging/Texting or Mass Texting/Campaign services. The purpose of these required steps is to ensure that only recipients that requested contact from your toll free number or organization are contacted. You can find the instructions on how to submit your request by reviewing our Texting (SMS) and Campaigns Registration article.


Once you have registered your number(s) for messaging, clicking on the "Campaigns" tab will allow you to create campaigns. 


*Mass messages use what are called "credits" which translate to 1 credit per sent message and an additional credit per message if there is an added image. Our currently offered plans include a specific number of credits according to the plan for which you are enrolled (50 for Personal, 500 for Unlimited, and 1000 for Pro). All additional credits are charged at a rate of $0.04 a piece. You can see how many credits have been used on the top right of this page directly to the left of the "New Campaign" button. 


You can create a campaign by clicking on the "New Campaign" button on the top right.



This will bring you to your new campaign input screen. From here, you can name your campaign so you can keep track of several by inputting it in the top box. Directly underneath, you can select from which number you would like to have the message sent using the drop-down. The large box underneath is where you would type or paste the text body. There is a 600 character limit per message, which can be monitored using the remaining character counter on the bottom right of this box.mceclip3.png

The icons on the bottom left of this box can be used to add multimedia images or emojis. The right most option allows you to incorporate "Custom Fields" to your message.


Clicking on the custom fields will open a box that will allow you to control the personalized information added to each message. You can deselect whether you want the customers first name, last name, phone number, or email contained in the message. If you make any changes, be sure to click "Save."



The remaining input boxes allow you to configure a message the customer can type back to stop receiving messages. This will be displayed after your message to the customer. The drop-down underneath is where you select your recipients. Currently, the only option is to send messages to all contacts but this will be adjusted as time goes on. Your contacts can be accessed and edited at any time using the "Contacts" option in the column on the left of your account. For step-by-step instructions for adding contacts, review our Adding-editing-and-modifying-contacts article.




Underneath the drop-down, you can see at a glance how many credits your current message will use before it is sent. 




At the very bottom, you have several options. You can save the message progress for later with the "Save As Draft" button. You can send the message immediately by clicking the left portion of the "Send Now" button, where you will be prompted to confirm. If you click on the drop-down portion of the "Send Now" button, you can schedule a day and time for the messages to be sent. 




Verification process



As such, you will see the following banner when you click on the "Campaigns" tab of the user interface. 




As indicated, you can begin the process by clicking on the "Numbers" tab. Then hover over the 3 dots to the right of any number(s), for which you wish to establish SMS campaigns, and select the "Register for Campaigns" option. 






You will then be brought to a form that will need to be filled out in it's entirety. You will also see a box, at the very bottom, which requires you to upload supporting documentation.




The criteria for the supporting documentation is as follows:

  • If Website opt-in: Screenshots of web form where the client adds number and agrees to receive messaging.
  • Website Posting (Support): Where is the number advertised and where does the customer find the number to text in?
  • If a keyword or QR Code Opt-in: Where does the customer find the keyword in order to opt-in to these messages? Please provide this material (photos or screenshots) for verification.
  • If Voice/IVR opt-in: In this case please provide a screenshot record of opt-in via voice in the client's database/ CRM. (IE, a check box on their CRM saying that the customer opted in and the date)
  • 2FA/OTP: Please provide a screenshot process to receive the initial text.
  • Paper form (Customer/ Employee): please upload a photo of the form

Once you have returned the completed document and image(s), we will submit it to our carrier and they will respond, indicating whether or not we can enable the feature.



SMS Usage Limitation Notice

SMS is a highly regulated channel, subject to stringent rules, regulations, and carrier requirements. Prohibited content in SMS and MMS messages can result in rejection by wireless carriers. 

Your business should be aware of the following prohibited content categories, and SMS may not be the appropriate channel for certain use cases.

SMS Prohibited Content:

  • High-risk financial services:
    • Examples: Payday loans, short-term high-interest loans, third-party auto loans, cryptocurrency.
    • Note: Messages featuring financial investment advice, tips, or links to donation sites are prohibited.
  • Third-party lead generation services:
    • Companies buying, selling, or sharing consumer information are strictly prohibited. "Cold" outreach is also not allowed.
  • Debt collection or forgiveness:
    • Examples: Third-party debt collection, debt consolidation, credit repair programs.
    • Note: Debt consolidation and forgiveness efforts are generally prohibited, but businesses owed the debt can send payment reminders.
  • "Get rich quick" schemes or Multi-level marketing:
    • Examples: Work-from-home programs, risk investment opportunities, multi-level marketing.
    • Note: Multi-level marketing products, services, or content associated with spam are prohibited.
  • Illegal substances:
    • Examples: Marijuana/cannabis, CBD/THC, prescription drugs, vaping.
    • Note: Cannabis businesses cannot use SMS/MMS messaging in the US, and messaging related to CBD may be restricted.
  • Gambling:
    • Examples: Casino apps, gambling websites.
    • Note: Gambling traffic is prohibited on Toll-Free but allowed on Short Code or Long Code with age gating procedures.
  • S.H.A.F.T. use cases:
    • Sexually inappropriate content, hate speech or profanity, alcohol, firearms, tobacco (including vaping).
    • Note: Firearms and alcohol are allowed on Toll-Free, Short Code, and Long Code with age gating procedures.

SHAFT is an acronym highlighting forbidden or specially regulated content:

  • S: Sexually inappropriate content
  • H: Hate speech or profanity
  • A: Alcohol
  • F: Firearms and depictions or endorsements of violence
  • T: Tobacco (including vaping) or endorsement of illegal or illicit drugs, including marijuana and cannabis

Note: This information is not legal advice. Consult with legal counsel to ensure SMS programs comply with applicable laws.