Purchasing Numbers in Bulk

If you would like to add a large amount or array of numbers to your account you have the option to purchase them in bulk. To take advantage of this feature, click the "Purchase Numbers" option on the top right of the "Numbers" page.







Set the Search Type to Bulk Purchase.




You have the option of searching for one prefix/area code or multiple with the search box underneath. As specified, you just need to make sure each is separated by a comma. To the right you can dictate how many numbers are acquired for each prefix/area code. When you click search, you will be informed whether or not the desired numbers are available in their entirety.




You can then click the "Purchase" button on the bottom right to complete the process.


If the desired numbers are not available or their are not enough, a message will be displayed and you will not be able to click the purchase button. If this is the case, you will need to refine your search.




*Please note that additional numbers can add additional charges to your monthly responsibility. The additional amount per number depends on the plan for which your account is enrolled. Please review our Overview of plans and billing article for more details.