Call Analytics by Geo (Geographical Location)

You can view your call volume separated by geographical location. To review these statistics, expand the "Call Analytics" category in the column on the left of your account and select "By Geo" from the list. 




This will bring you to the analysis screen. You can change the date range by clicking on the date box on the upper right of the screen. All of your numbers will be selected and displayed by default. You can look your telephone numbers individually by clicking on the drop-down box that states "All Numbers" on the upper left. This page will automatically display a pie chart and graph of the top 5 locations by volume on top.




"All States" will be displayed by default. You can pull up detailed views of specific states by clicking on the drop-down to the right. 




The list on the bottom with list tallies of the calls from different geographical locations for all your calls within the selected time-frame. The locations with the highest in-bound calls will be at the top and the least at the bottom.