Archiving communications

In order to remove items (voicemails, texts, calls, etc.) from your inbox you have the ability to archive them. You can accomplish this by clicking on a specific log and then clicking on the "Archive" icon on the upper right of your window while viewing this communication. The "Archive" icon is the right-most option in this group of actions. You can hover over these icons to ensure you are clicking on the correct one. 




Another method for archiving logs would be to click the boxes to the left of the contacts' communications and then click the archive at the top right of this column. The "Archive" icon is to the left of the "Filter" icon. You can hover over these icons to ensure you are clicking on the correct one.




If you would like to archive all of your communications, you can select the box on the upper left of this column and then clicking the "Archive" icon.




You can search for a specific communication stream by utilizing the search bar at the very top of the column as well. 




If, at any time, you would like to revisit your archived communication streams, you can click on the "Filter" icon to the right of the "Archive" icon.




This will open a window that shows the "Date Range" tab by default.




You will need to select the "Type" tab from this window and click on the "Archived Messages Are Shown" in order to include archived communications. You can toggle this option off at any time. 




You can then click outside of this window to return to your inbox.