For call routing, you will need to select the “Numbers” category from the column on the left of your browser window.



From here, you can either click on the number for which you wish to edit your preferences or you can hover over the 3 dots on the right and select “Manage” from the options that appear.




You will then need to scroll down to the “Voicemail” category in order to configure your voicemail settings.



From here, you will need to turn your 800.com voicemail on by clicking the toggle. It will turn green and provide your options when switched on. You can then set the times it will forward to voicemail and which recording you wish to have played for the caller. 




You can edit what your messages say, upload a recording of your own, or record a greeting through your computer's microphone by selecting the “Greetings” tab in the column on the left or clicking the "+" to the right of the drop-down. 




In the "Greetings" category you will find the list of messages available on your account. You can add a new message by selecting the “Add Greeting” box on the top right of the screen. 



You can label each message as you desire and then type what you want the recording to say in the box below.




This is the same process to edit existing messages but needs to be accessed by hovering over the 3 dots to the right and selecting the “Edit” option.




You can choose to upload a recording instead by clicking the “Play Recording” option within the “Edit of “Add Greeting” boxes. If you are uploading a file, be sure to attach an MP3 file that is under 250 MB. You also have the option to record the greeting through your microphone by clicking "Record By Computer."


 Be sure to select the correct file under the “Voicemail” category when finished and click “Save.