What is a "vanity" toll-free number and how do I get one?

A "vanity" number is a toll-free number that also spells a person’s or company’s name, a word or acronym, or specific combination of numbers that is chosen by the subscriber, such as 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-PET-MEDS, 1-800-DENTIST. Essentially, any number retrieved by the search-bar on the 800.com main page constitutes a vanity number. To find out whether a specific toll-free number is available, visit 800.com, type in the the word(s) or combination you would prefer and click "Search." 

*Due to the popularity of toll-free numbers, you may need to play with the search function a bit to find a suitable number. 

For questions regarding toll-free numbers with more than 10 digits, see our "Over-spell" information page.