Can I transfer my numbers to another service provider?

You do have the ability to transfer your existing toll free number to another provider.

The transfer process starts with your new provider, not Your new provider will start the transfer process by having you complete their letter of Authorization (LOA) to give them the authority to initiate the transfer.* 

Once that’s done, your provider will submit a valid transfer request to or our underlying carrier. When we receive this request and verify the information, we will send an email to the address on the account that requires a response within a couple days. Once we received your email confirmation, we’ll release your number to them. 

Transfer time depends on many factors (e.g., local versus toll free number, the underlying providers involved, etc.) and we can’t always determine turn around time. It typically takes between 1-6 weeks to complete. We’ll get a release or rejection for toll free numbers within 2 business days of receipt of the request. charges a one-time port out fee of $100, per number (please see terms Section 3.5  Your new provider may charge a transfer fee to bring the number in. You should check with them regarding any transfer fees before submitting your request.

*The information you provide on the LOA about your account (e.g., account owner name and company name) must match the information we have on record. If it doesn’t, your transfer request will get rejected by your provider, so make sure to check your info!

Keep in mind! Once releases the number, it’s no longer under our control, so we won’t be able to make changes to it after the release.

Also, we do not automatically cancel your account once the phone number has been ported away. You must notify by phone or email if you choose to cancel service.