NCUS Surcharge

Recently some of our customers have started receiving inbound calls from areas outside the contiguous United States. Because there is a significant cost for these calls, we will be charging to receive calls from these areas going forward. 


For example, inbound calls from Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii will incur costs going forward as well as other regions. We have listed the areas below, if you think that these changes will affect your account.


The rates for receiving calls from each area are as follows:


Alaska $1.35/minute

Hawaii $0.23/minute

Canada $0.11/minute

Puerto Rico $0.45/minute

Caribbean Islands $0.09/minute


These charges will start on 5/7/24 and we will include them within a line item listed on your invoice for “NCUS Surcharge Usage”. Not all customers are affected by this change. 


If you would like to block these inbound calls to your number(s), then please let us know by emailing us at In your email, please include your support PIN. You can find your support PIN by logging into your account and clicking the account holder’s name on the bottom left (in white lettering), then generating a support PIN.