Referral From Other Websites

Select this option to create a campaign attribution for websites that refer traffic to your site. For instance, if you spend money advertising on, you can use a unique phone number for yelp and track the ad conversion using web referral campaign attribution.


To set up a campaign with this method, select the “Numbers” category from the column on the left side of the online portal. 




Scroll down and expand the "Campaign Attribution" section and toggle it on. 




In the upper left box you will then enter the "Target Phone Number" (the number you wish to replace on your website). The box on the upper right is a drop-down where you select the campaign strategy you would like to use for your toll-free number. 




Select "Referral From Other Websites" from the drop-down and then paste or type the web address traffic will be directed from in the box on the bottom left labelled "URL."




Be sure to click "Save" when finished.


*It is important to note that when using campaign attribution, all the linked numbers will fall under the "tracking numbers" category instead of the "numbers" category within the user interface.