What happens if my number has more than 10 digits?

An Over-spell is a phone number that uses extra phantom digits to complete the spelling of a word. For example 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262), the word ESURANCE is a vanity number with 8 characters (1 extra). In these cases, the additional number(s) can be dialed without influencing the call in any way. The call will be routed based on the first 10 numbers whether they are omitted when dialing or not.

An issue may arise with certain carriers when dialing these additional numbers numbers. If a "1" is not dialed before the number then certain carriers like T-Mobile will not know if the number is international. The solution is to make sure that "1" is always advertised if your number uses an Over-Spell number.

Common Errors are T-Mobile says "57 your call cannot be completed as dialed..."