How can I prevent unwanted messages from being displayed on the caller ID for outbound calls?

*Please note that CNAM does not exist on toll free numbers. This is because toll free numbers were originally intended for inbound calling only and not for placing calls. As such, the caller ID for toll free numbers, cannot be adjusted. When placing an outbound call from a toll free number, the CallerID name will typically display as the actual number or 'TOLL FREE NUM'.


On occasion, specific carriers will display something like "scam likely" or "toll free call" instead of the toll-free number, when placing outbound calls. does not have the ability to alter what is displayed the caller ID for outbound calls, as the only information that is sent from our service is the toll-free number. The toll-free numbers are then interpreted by the receiving carriers based on information contained in their systems. There are work-arounds for these issues through various third-party sources. Here are some links to assist you:


If these types of messages are appearing when calls are placed to other carriers, you may be able to find resolutions on their respective websites. If you find a work-around that we are not aware of, please provide the link to us at so we can update our articles. 
*Certain carriers will block random toll free numbers from calling their customers. The only solution, in this scenario, would be to register your number with that specific carrier.