Campaign Attribution

Similar to Google Analytics, the campaign attribution feature allows users to associate phone numbers to marketing campaigns, making it possible to track, analyze, and make business decisions based on the resulting data. When a lead is directed to your website from a specific source, the data is stored in his or her cookies and the same contact number will display for subsequent visits unless cookies are cleared beforehand. 


Numbers can be used to track in two different ways:

  • Offline advertising (print, radio, TV advertising, etc)
  • Online advertising (google searches, referral links, etc)

*It is important to note that when using campaign attribution, all the linked numbers will fall under the "tracking numbers" category instead of the "numbers" category within the user interface.


Offline Advertising

This is the most straightforward use for campaign attribution. You can select an existing phone number or purchase a new number to be used on the campaign. By analyzing the inbound calls coming to that specific number you can have a better understanding of how the campaign is working.

Online Advertising

For online advertising the number displayed on your website must be dynamic. Different phone numbers will be displayed to different audiences, depending on how they landed on your page. 

This is accomplished by including a one line script on your website (much like google analytics, or the facebook pixel). This script is unique to your company and can be found at the “Integrations” sub-menu, under “Settings”.



You can also test to make sure the script is operational on your site by entering the web address in the "URL" box and clicking "Test Snippet." 

When a lead visits your website, the script will search for all instances of the hard coded number and replace it with the appropriate campaign number. You can then see which campaigns are working better, by comparing inbound call volume. 


Configuring Campaign Attribution

Campaign attribution is configured at the number level. To activate this feature, select the “Numbers” category from the column on the left side of the online portal. 




Scroll down and expand the "Campaign Attribution" section and toggle it on. 




In the upper left box you will then enter the target number (the number you wish to replace on your website). The box on the upper right is a drop-down where you select the campaign strategy you would like to use for your toll-free number. 




The following modes are available:

Web Search - Lead gets to the site from a searching engine.

Referral From Other Websites - Lead gets to the site from a referrer.

Landing Page On My Domain - Lead gets to the site from a specific URL.

URL Parameter (e.g. utm_source) - URL parameter detected when the page is loaded.

Direct Website Visit - Lead types the URL in the browser's address-bar.

Always Swap - Always replace the fallback phone number with campaign number.

Offline Campaign - Print, radio, TV advertising, etc


Once a method is picked, you can monitor the campaign data through your Call Analytics.


*Only one campaign can be configured for each toll-free number, but there is no limit to the quantity of numbers you can have on your account so there is also no limit to the number of campaigns you can have active.