Updating/changing your password

You can change your login credentials at any time by clicking on your name or company name on the very bottom left of your 800.com account.




This will expand an additional menu containing "Account" and "Logout" options. When you click on "Account" within this menu it will bring you to your user settings page.




The top portion of this page gives you the ability to change the name on the account, the email (login) associated with the account, and the users specified time-zone.




Be sure to click the "Update" button on the bottom of this portion when you are finished updating so that your changes are saved. 




The bottom portion allows you to change your password. To do this, you will need to enter your old password in the top box, your new password in the middle box, and confirm your new password in the bottom box.




Click the "Submit" button underneath when you are finished.