Advanced options

You have the ability to require the recipient(s) of calls to press 1 in order to accept the call. This is sometimes used to identify calls being forwarded from our client' toll free numbers so they can answer the calls appropriately. 

To enable this feature, you can select the “Numbers” category from the column on the left side of the online portal. 


From here, you can either click on the number for which you wish to edit your preferences or you can hover over the 3 dots on the right and select “Manage” from the options that appear.


You can then scroll down and expand the "Advanced Settings" menu where you will find the "Press 1 To Accept Call" feature, which you can click the button to toggle on.




You can choose whether to have the normal ringing or our default music file play with the "On Hold Music" drop-down. 


You also have the option of having a custom file play while using this feature. You can upload you own file while using this feature by hitting the "+" button to the right of the drop-down.



*You may want to consider changing your caller ID settings to reflect your toll-free number if you would like to identify calls from your toll-free number. This option is located under the "Call Routing" menu under where you enter your forwarding number.