Transferring number(s) to's service


If you already have an account with

If you have a toll free number with a different organization you can have it transferred to your account by following the instructions below:


1. Login to your online dashboard (your account will be created at signup).


2. Click on the Settings category in the column on the left of the page, then click Company



3. Open the "Port Requests" tab.



4. Click on the "Port Number" option in the top right corner.



5. Fill out request.


6. Review the email address supplied for an Adobe Sign email that must be reviewed and accepted so we can submit the port.


7. We'll let you know once we have approval. 


*To avoid interruption with your toll-free service we advise to wait until has successfully ported-in before cancelling service with your current provider. 


If you don't have an account with

If you don't have an account with you will need to create one first. You can do so by choosing any number to signup at Any number will do as a will only be serving as a placeholder until the ported number arrives. After an account is created you can follow the instructions above. You will need to contact us to remove the placeholder after your number is transferred to our service.