How do I select my call routing settings?

  • Login to your Account.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • Specify the forwarding type you would like to use.



Standard Forwarding

With, you can forward your toll-free number to any phone in the world. To enable this feature, simply enter an additional phone number in the Direct All Incoming Call To field and click Save My setting

Capture.PNG Simultaneous Ringing

  1. Enter the Phone number into "Direct Incoming Calls" input box (Phone Number can also be selected from "Contact list" icon)
  2. Click on "Add to List" button to add the entered phone number in "Forward To Number" list.
  3. Repeat the above steps for multiple phone numbers you want to add (minimum 2 phone numbers are required)
  4. In the end click on "Save My Settings" button to save the changes. 



Sequential call forwarding

Sequential call forwarding enables you to forward your toll-free or local number to dial multiple phone numbers one at a time, and in a specified order.  For example, if the phone number doesn't answer, then the call will be forwarded to the next phone number, and will continue until the call is answered or goes to voicemail. 

Adding a phone number

Enter your additional number into the Direct Incoming Calls To field located below your list of numbers, and specify how long each phone should ring before the call proceeds to dial the next number. Click Add To List when finished. 

Reordering a phone number 

Drag and drop each phone number row to specify the order of your forwarded calls. 


Removing a phone number

Click the red X icon next to a number to remove it as a forwarding option.



Auto Attendant enables you to create an automated voice menu that your callers can encounter before calls are directed via call routing. You can create a "Custom Greeting" to personalize the voice prompts that your listeners will hear. By establishing "Key Press" extensions, your listeners will be automatically directed to an end-point you decide based on the forwarding type you select.  

Record a Custom Greeting

Follow the presented instructions to record a custom greeting.

Create Key Press Extensions

Enable a Key Press and define a Group Name for it. 

Select the Forwarding Type

After selecting the Forwarding Type,  you can choose the configuration icon to enter the end-point route to phone numbers. 



Voicemail forwarding enables you to automatically forward all calls to your account voicemail. Depending upon your voicemail options, you may receive an email notification of SMS message for each voicemail you receive.  You can also access your voicemail by logging in to your account on can navigating to the Voicemail tab.